As technology continues to evolve, it is becoming more common in life, and many people turn ordinary headphones into Bluetooth headsets. Bluetooth headset is easy to use, but is with Bluetooth headset with radiation? What are the benefits and harms of the Bluetooth headset?

Does the Bluetooth headset have radiation?

Bluetooth headset is a device made using Bluetooth technology, the use of Bluetooth headset allows everyone to answer the phone, will not be tied by the wire, can easily call, compared to ordinary headset easy to use, the answer is good, that Does the Bluetooth headset have radiation?

Bluetooth headset radiation is not possible, any electrical equipment has a magnetic field, there is a magnetic field radiation. Evaluation of an electrical device with no radiation is not to look at its size but to see the size of its radiation itself. But the Bluetooth headset radiation on the human body is very little radiation, can be said to ignore.

Bluetooth headset electromagnetic wave is much lower than we use the phone, a long time with the phone call will affect our nervous system, light, sleep well, severe cases will cause headaches, neurasthenia and other symptoms. So when we call the time not too long. If you play a long time, then recommend the use of Bluetooth headset, when the phone as long as the phone in their own pocket or bag inside, wearing headphones do not have to hold the hands of tall, but also can effectively reduce the impact of electromagnetic waves on the human body.

Use the benefits of a Bluetooth headset

When using a Bluetooth headset to answer or make a call, the phone will transmit and receive electromagnetic waves from the antenna, so the impact of radiation on the human body will become relatively weak due to the distance.

Although the Bluetooth headset radiation is relatively small, but we should not be ignored, so be sure to use the correct.

Bluetooth headset hazards

1. From the perspective of radiation, Bluetooth headset radiation is only one hundred percent of the phone, than the average wired headset to use the radiation even lower. So in terms of radiation, Bluetooth headset is safe.

2. From the perspective of the headset, long-term wear headphones, too much volume will have some damage to the human ear hearing, of course, not long, large volume of the use of headphones.

But the headset itself, long-term wear on the body has some damage. Long-term use of headphones to answer the phone or music, because the eardrum and headphones vibration film is very close, small acoustic range and concentrated, the auditory nerve stimulation of the eardrum is relatively large, easy to cause dizziness, tinnitus, hearing loss, heavy hearing; A few or even a dozen hours, there may be sudden deafness. Ear ear to the external ear canal can cause chronic stimulation, causing inflammation of the ear; In addition, wearing a headset for too long, the spirit will always be in a state of tension, is not conducive to health

So should avoid long-term use of headphones, Bluetooth is no exception, such as the use of intermittent and the sound can not be too big, just listen to clear. Do not listen to people in a noisy place, so you will be unable to hear the volume and increase the volume. It is recommended to listen to headphones only wear one, listen to some time for another ear to listen to, this will reduce the impact on hearing.

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