Apple’s new control center in iOS 11 is more complete, can be customized through the Force Touch layout and many new additional controls. One aspect that may at least initially looks like a big advantage now proves to be a security and usability issue: Bluetooth and Wi-Fi control.

In iOS 11, Apple can switch between the two buttons in the control center to disconnect the device or disconnect the network connection. However, these buttons do not disable the actual radio in the device, the motherboard reports. Instead, Apple runs in the background to keep certain content intact, such as File Transfer features AirDrop and productivity features Handoff, geolocation services, and communication with paired Apple Watch. This is the change from these buttons in the past.

While this may be a wise move for the Apple section, making it harder to accidentally disconnect Apple Watch or turn off a lot of useful features, but this will make the user unnecessary security risks. Security researcher Andrea Barisani noticed this change, since the introduction of iOS 11 has been pushing eting, he told the motherboard, if you are worried about potential attacks, please disconnect Bluetooth and Wi-Fi, which is “very good practice.” (There are good reasons to turn Wi-Fi and Bluetooth off to save the battery and improve the cellular connection.)

To do this, you must now go directly to the various setup menus and close the button. For Apple with a simple interface and approachable design, this change may cause users to mistakenly believe that there is no adverse effect of Wi-Fi or Bluetooth activation.

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