People keep a different timetable. Your parents, children or partners may be working while you are relaxing and playing a good movie, some music or games on Apple TV. They will not thank you for trying to shoot the racket while trying to work, which is where the Bluetooth headset can save the day.

Choosing the Bluetooth headset

Bluetooth is a low-frequency wireless standard that allows devices to communicate over a short distance.

There are many manufacturers (including Apple’s own Beats brand) to buy Bluetooth headsets at different prices, and you can always create some inspiration for your next episode by studying reputable buying guides (such as the British Consumer Advocacy Group) The We are not here to review the headset, but we can provide guidance to help you choose the right setting for you. When searching for new headphones, consider:

  • Design: Looks like nothing, but what does they really mean. You want a utilitarian and functional headset group, or you are looking for an attractive design that you can also use with your iPhone. There are four basic design headphones, earbud headphones, earphone headphones and earbud headphones.
  • Microphone: If you want to use the headset with the iPhone, you need to check the device that also comes with a microphone to answer the phone.
  • Comfort: If you plan to wear headphones for a long time, comfort is of the utmost importance. Do you like earphones or earphones?
  • Sound: The most critical is that you want your choice of headphones sounds good. In general, in-ear models do not produce too much bass, but for treble and midrange is also good, and headphones can provide a very rich sound field. Open the backpack more natural, let you hear what happened around (although the sound leaked to the nearby), while the closed model was a bit hot.
  • Noise cancellation: If you plan to use headphones on your Apple TV, do you want to ignore all the noise around you? If this is the case, you may need to select a noise-canceling headset. These produce an anti-noise frequency that fundamentally eliminates nearby sounds.
  • Battery Life: How much battery life is getting from the headset? This is not necessarily a trading spoiler, but if you have combined your favorite kit, you may want to use the battery life to reduce it.

Check the Bluetooth version

Apple TV uses Bluetooth 4.0 to get the best results and avoid interference and / or sudden loss of audio, it is also meaningful to buy headphones that also run the same Bluetooth 4.0 standard. Older versions are compatible, but the latest version of Bluetooth provides better stability. If you are buying a new Apple AirPod, please keep it confidential because these are using Apple’s own W1 wireless chips and may not be compatible with Apple TV 4 (they are not compatible when writing).

How to pair headphones with Apple TV 4 or later

First, you need to pair your Bluetooth headset with Apple TV as described below:

  • Place the headset in the paired mode – the way the manufacturer is different, check the document you received with your headset to do this.
  • Start the settings on the Apple TV, then select the remote control and the device> Bluetooth.
  • Apple TV will search for all available Bluetooth devices, list it on the screen, wait until the name of the headset appears.
  • Select them from the list for pairing
  • You may need to enter a PIN to match Apple TV.
  • If there is any problem with this process, make sure that the software on Apple TV and headset is up-to-date.

Switch audio output

You may find yourself using Apple TV to watch what you need to share with the people around, maybe the movie’s news broadcast or iconic moments. You can switch audio output temporarily in Settings> Audio and Video> Audio Output. With this option, you can choose to output audio in the normal way via Apple TV. Then, when you want to do so, you can switch audio again.

How to Unpair Headphones

In order to use the headset with other devices, or for other reasons, you may find it necessary to cancel the headset from Apple TV. This is a very simple implementation:

  • OpenSettings>Remote Controls and Devices> Bluetooth
  • Find your headset in the list, select them and select “Forget the device” from the menu that appears. ”。
  • You will be asked to confirm your decision by clicking on the red “forgetting device” command.

I hope this report will help you use your Bluetooth headset on Apple TV.

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