Function of bluetooth headset

Bluetooth headset is the application of bluetooth technology to avoid the use of the headset, allowing the user to free the annoying wires and easily communicate in various ways.Since the advent of bluetooth headset, it has been a good tool to improve the efficiency of mobile commerce.Bluetooth is a short-range wireless communication specification with low cost and large capacity.A bluetooth laptop is a laptop with bluetooth wireless communication.

1. With bluetooth headset, you can talk on the phone or do other things.

2, bluetooth headset, the electromagnetic wave is far less than the phone, when talking on the phone as long as the mobile phone is placed within the briefcase or pocket, put on headphones easily speak, neither will hold up, also can effectively reduce the influence of electromagnetic waves on the human body;

3.”bluetooth” technology takes the advantage of low cost, low power consumption, short distance and high frequency (frequency-hopping technology). It replaces the application of infrared technology in PC and mobile phone communication products.

Will bluetooth headset harm to our ears?

In terms of bluetooth headset radiation, no damage to the human body is, the bluetooth headset is not directly eliminate cell phone radiation, but through bluetooth headset separate the contamination from the body, so as to avoid a possible dangers of mobile phones on the human body.The radiation value of the bluetooth headset is only a few dozen of the phone, which can be ignored and can be used safely.

But for the headphones themselves, long-term wear can be damaging to the body.Use headphones phone or music for a long time, as a result of the eardrum with headset vibration distance is very close, small and concentrated, the scope of sound waves to eardrum auditory nerve stimulation is bigger, easy cause dizziness, tinnitus, hearing, hard of hearing, etc.;Sudden deafness can occur if you listen to a couple of hours or even a few hours.Ear plugs can cause chronic irritation to external auditory canal, causing ear inflammation.Also, wearing headphones for too long can be stressful and unhealthy.

So should avoid long-term use headset, bluetooth is not exceptional also, such as intermittent when you use And not too loud Just it is good to hear Don’t listen to, in the noisy crowded place that will enhance the volume due to can’t hear you.It’s recommended to listen to a headset and listen to it for a period of time. It will reduce the impact of hearing


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