How to use bluetooth headset?

Friends who have not been exposed to bluetooth headsets may ask how to use bluetooth headsets, which is a basic problem.Bluetooth headsets actually didn’t you imagine so high-tech, it is also used as a tool to listen to music, but it USES bluetooth protocol for wireless transmission quality, replacing the traditional way of cable connection.

Bluetooth wireless transmission is still more convenient

Bluetooth protocol has been the evolution of the multiple versions and upgrade, in the old version of the bluetooth protocol before, because of the limitation of transmission efficiency makes it is not able to achieve music to listen to the required transmission speed, so often used to communicate the phone use.This is the single-channel communication bluetooth headset we’ve seen so often.

Bluetooth headsets designed for communication use

But the current bluetooth protocols have been developed to version 4.0, actually in the bluetooth transmission speed can support stereo music transmission, although version 4.0 has just launched soon, the current commercially available bluetooth 4.0 version of the headset does not see more, but before many bluetooth headsets have adopted the stereo design.This is what we often call bluetooth headsets – it’s not just a headset for picking up phones, it’s a device that listens and facilitates answers to music.

Listen to the designed stereo bluetooth headset for mobile phone music

To use a bluetooth headset, you must have a bluetooth enabled device that doesn’t have to be a phone or a tablet or computer.Of course, bluetooth also has a bit of advantage that it can be backwards compatible, and it generally won’t be completely incompatible with the different versions of the transmission.

How does a bluetooth headset connect to a phone

Of course, most people use bluetooth headset must be considered use of convenience, choose the purpose of the bluetooth headset is mostly to portable use, so a lot of people is to match their smart phones to go out to listen to music.To use a bluetooth headset, you must first connect with your phone, a process we call pairing.

Bluetooth headsets are paired with mobile phones

The current bluetooth headset has a lot of brands, although it may be slightly different in terms of specific functional operations, but the pairing process is basically the same.We take the recently popular selbel headphones as an example to introduce the connection process of bluetooth headsets.We choose the iPhone connect to introduce, in fact, no matter what phone or bluetooth headset, the link is essentially the same, is not much difference, if you can connect a phone and headset paired, so basically can also operate other headphones to use.

The LED light will prompt the work status after opening the headset

Then we need to find the switch button of the headset, and the bluetooth headset usually has the work indicator light, which will light up in the open state.Of course, we need to make the bluetooth headset match up to allow the phone to search our bluetooth audio device.It may not be the same as the function button of each headset. It will be a few seconds after the boot button is pressed. We can operate according to the specifications of the specific headphone model.

Bluetooth headset connects to the phone to play music

When was in a state of pairing, bluetooth headset indicator lights should be flashing quickly, the phone will search at this time to the bluetooth headset or the name of the brand, we click on the match, if matched displayed on the phone, you can see the bluetooth icon to blue, then, we can use headphones to listen to or answer the call.The indicator light of the bluetooth headset will normally have a normal slow scintillation prompt when paired with a successful working condition.

How does a bluetooth headset connect to a computer?

We know that most mobile phone with bluetooth function, but the computer may not necessarily, maybe some notebook with bluetooth function, but is not necessarily all of the desktop – especially with assembly desktop machines.So how do you get your headphones connected to your computer?There is a way.

The laptop’s built-in bluetooth module

First of all, let’s talk about a laptop or desktop computer with bluetooth capabilities that have bluetooth modules built in, which is more convenient.We at the time of installation system typically update drive devices, and computer with bluetooth function normally even bluetooth driver equipment update, we can, of course, if there is no update on the Internet to download to the corresponding type of driver to install and use.

A bluetooth – driven interface

If the driver installation is normal, we also need to open the bluetooth function of the computer and then match the bluetooth headset.Be worth what carry is possible pairing bluetooth headset has password, before we introduce the mobile phone connection was not careful said, because the iPhone pairing is not need a password, and other mobile phone or computer to connect might need.The default password for the bluetooth headset is “0000”, and of course, we can find the password in the manual of the headphone, maybe each brand’s password is not the same.

Bluetooth adapter

A computer that doesn’t have a bluetooth connection will need an external bluetooth adapter or a bluetooth module in the computer to connect to a bluetooth headset.If some computers have extra socket can be modules installed on the motherboard, but this is not an easy way, using a bluetooth adapter is simple and economic, because it is cheaper.When the bluetooth adapter buys, it usually provides a drive disc or download address. We also need to install the driver properly before it can be used.


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