If bluetooth 4.0 focuses on power-saving features, the key word for this upgrade will be IOT (full networking), which means all devices are connected to the Internet.To achieve this, improvements in communication capabilities are one of the most important improvements in bluetooth 4.1.


The main features

1) transmission speed of batch data
The next problem is that you need a good pair of headphones.

The first is the transmission speed of batch data, and you know that the transmission rate of bluetooth has been very scum, which is not comparable to the WiFi that has already been entered into gigabit.So bluetooth 4.1 has been upgraded on a widely used bluetooth 4.0 LE, enabling bulk data to be transmitted at a higher rate.Of course, this does not mean that video can be transmitted via bluetooth, which is mainly aimed at the emerging wearable devices.Has been more common health bracelets, for example, its send out the flow of data is not large, can be more quickly through bluetooth 4.1 will be collected in the process of running, swimming, cycling information transmission to devices such as mobile phone, the user can better real-time monitoring the status of the movement, this is very useful.

In the era of Bluetooth 4.0, all devices with Bluetooth 4.0 LE were labeled “BluetoothSmart” and “Bluetooth SmartReady”.The Bluetooth Smart Ready device refers to a connection center device such as a PC, a tablet, and a phone, while a Bluetooth Smart device refers to an extended device such as a Bluetooth headset and a key mouse.Previously, the roles of these devices were already scheduled, and there was no role reversal, only 1 to 1 connection.In Bluetooth 4.1, it allows devices to function as both “Bluetooth Smart” and “Bluetooth Smart Ready”, which means that multiple devices can be connected to a Bluetooth device.For example, a smart watch either as a central hub, the movement of the data collected from healthy bracelets on the at the same time, and can be used as a display device, display email, text message from a smart phone.Using bluetooth 4.1 technology smartwatches, smart glasses and other devices can become a real central hub.

2)connect to the network via IPV6

In addition, wearables are not easy to use on the Internet, and can be solved through bluetooth 4.1.The new standard adds a dedicated channel to allow devices to be used on IPv6 online.For example, if you have a bluetooth device can’t get to the Internet, so 4.1 can connect to the Internet via bluetooth device, the device can be directly used to IPv6 is connected to the network, realize the same function as the WiFi.Despite the limited transmission rate, the device has limited access to the Internet, but it is still possible to synchronize data, send and receive emails, and so on.The advantage of this improvement is sensors, embedded devices simply connected to the Internet can connect mobile phone, bluetooth, WiFi relatively more used to connect to the Internet, usually works in connected devices, cannot do the bluetooth function.In the future as the Internet of things come into our lives, the status of wireless transmission in the daily life will be more and more high, bluetooth transmission as the most widely spread, in the “Internet of things” can not be ignored.However, it will take longer for bluetooth to fully adapt to IPv6, so how can chip makers help with IPv6 compatibility

3) simplify device connections

With the push of handset makers and PC makers, almost all mobile devices and laptops are equipped with bluetooth modules, and users have more use of bluetooth.However, there are still a lot of users who think that bluetooth is cumbersome to use, and ultimately it is the more complex pairing and connection of bluetooth devices.Imagine if the smart watch connected to the phone had to be manually selected in the Settings interface to re-connect each time it was disconnected, which is a lot of trouble.The previous solution to this problem was to make it easier for manufacturers to add NFC chips to both bluetooth devices, and to simplify the process of repairing by NFC near field communication.The only products that carry NFC chips are not only small but also high in price.

Bluetooth 4.1 is improved for that, for the connection between the device and reconnect the drastic change, for manufacturers to provide more design in the design of access, including setting frequency to create or maintain a bluetooth connection, this to change the bluetooth connection flexibility has the obvious improvement.The two devices with bluetooth 4.1 have been successfully paired, and reconnecting with the two devices can be reconnected without any manual operation.For example, when using the headset of bluetooth 4.1, just turn on the power switch and do not need to operate on the phone. It is very simple.

4)peaceful coexistence with 4G

In the field of mobile communication, the most recent hot topic is 4G, which has become an irreversible trend of global wireless communication network.Bluetooth 4.1 is also optimized for 4G, ensuring that it can coexist with the 4G signal, which is called “co-existence” by the bluetooth technology alliance.It may be confusing to you, but the mobile phone network signal and bluetooth have not been coexisting long ago, why is bluetooth 4.1 especially for this improvement?This is because in the actual application, if the data is transmitted simultaneously, the bluetooth

5)enhancements provided by bluetooth 4.1 include:

AES encryption provides a more secure connection.This feature makes the wireless headset more applicable to the safe and Paramount applications of government, healthcare and banking.

The headset, speaker and bar can be controlled via the exclusive Bluetooth Smart remote controller, and the audio stream from another completely different device is supported simultaneously



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