Starting from Letv, the manufacturer cancels 3.5mm headphone jack and starts to become a small trend. The biggest driver is undoubtedly apple, and the Pixel 2 in October is also determined to cancel.After Google joins, wireless headsets will soon step into the leapfrog development.


Previously, we have reported that in android 8.0, the coding of bluetooth headsets has been able to support the transmission of two ultra-high standard sounds, such as aptxHD and LDAC, which are closer to SONY’s hi-res gold standard.

The next problem is that you need a good pair of headphones.


It is reported that SONY wf-1000x will be the first truly infinite noise-canceling headset, which may be driven by single moving coil monomers. In addition, SONY is expected to release the new Walkman player

However, bluetooth headset’s pursuit of music quality is not absolute, like the Icon X 2018 model released by samsung this morning, positioning movement, so the code only supports SBC, basically listening to a sound.

In the case of cutting off the wired headsets, manufacturers are likely to focus on the benefits of a water-resistant, de-noising type-c headset (free of power).


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