Bluetooth, a twentysomething young man, is nothing new. When the first iPhone was released, there were bluetooth phone calls on the shelves.
Even today, bluetooth is not a “perfect” solution.Even a few years ago, bluetooth headsets had to be used for phone calls only because of the poor transmission bandwidth and stability.Wired headphones, though a little bit of trouble, are always the most mainstream choice with a “steady” word.

Until the iPhone 7 cancels the headphone hole.Instead of wired headphones, a real question is what we should buy and how much money we should buy.

This problem is not a good answer, for many, the choose and buy headphones just had “hear” the passing line is ok, but the headset in addition to the “voice”, on the other functions and features are beginning to do more and more strong, let them except for sound, there is a lot to say.

So we at the search to a few of the most popular on the market of bluetooth headset, they respectively are joined the W1 and chip separation design apple AirPods, new brand earphone FIIL Diva, established noise reduction manufacturers of wireless upgrade Bose QC35, results more and more relaxed neon giant Sony MDR – 1000 – x.

We will compare and analyze the products, and give you a clear understanding of the common marketing selling points of bluetooth headsets.


Bose QC35 and mdr-1000x belong to the soft and comfortable all-enveloping camp. The leather ear cover is in contact with the skin and is the type that feels comfortable for the first time.Because of long wear, the inner space of the ear cover is abundant.When I wear it for a long time, because there is no compression, it is very good, it is the headset that I most recommend.The difference between Bose and Sony is that the leather ear mask is soft and hard, while Sony is soft and Bose is hard.The space of the ear cover, one deep and shallow

The Bose ear cover is larger in space, completely free of the ear, and more of the population, and Sony is slightly lighter, and later in our ears, we feel more comfortable than Bose.

QC35 is very understanding of our consumer’s heart, the cortex is used in the crossbar, real leather fake leather does not matter, but the taste of northern European atmosphere comes out.Easy to scratch the headset main body is made of black metal anode oxidation, let not easy off paint, so to speak, if you in the subway accident recognized QC35, he Bose Logo with tiny drop of paint, it should be bought not long, if has been changed to white, every day should be more than half of the street, if you see a completely off paint, that’s not a problem to be false.

FIIL’s acrylic material is less of a quality than the higher-order player of the moment, but the glowing Logo is still a bit more of the rock godfather’s fashion, with the lining being flattened.The mechanism of the main engine is very solid, metal shaft and leather.Conform to the level of work performance, but it’s elastic ear camp, on comfort, I am not standing on the edge of, the first ear feel fair, but after a long time, the oppressed ears will be sore.

AirPods, rich apple concise wind, two size 5 battery, appearance is almost a catheter bold version EarPods, wear is not only on the winner-take-all year, also suitable for outdoor running, indoor sports, also continues the EarPods invincible comfortable.Although it has been questioned before, it won’t be easy.But the long-term use, proved that, the only AirPods is a “you can wear it 24 hours a day” headphones, want to let it off, it’s really hard, may have some long hair or wear a face mask user is easy to take off the mask line or hair.

The noise reduction

Sometimes after listening to the song, not really think which part of the melody, but really want to be quiet.

In this case, we don’t talk about Bose and Sony.

Let’s talk about AirPods. Why would you want to talk about a headset that doesn’t feature noise reduction?I’ve seen so many people wearing Earpods, half ears and flat headsets in public transport.You like the subway, at run time db can reach 80 ~ 80 db noise, wear these headphones can hear the sound, but you will unconsciously turn voice big, this to hearing damage is very big, big to I must be here to highlight with you of this matter.Tools, so if your commute is bus, subway, and are you used to listen to a little crosstalk look at the video on the way, to be honest, really no need to choose AirPods such headphones, it more suitable for sports, more suitable scene, the easier it will be in some scenarios of whitewash.

We tested the noise reduction effects of QC35 and mdr-1000x in five noisy scenarios and recorded the effect.In order to see the effectiveness of the test, we have also added a domestic product, FIIL DIVA, which also has active noise reduction function.

We recorded ambient noise in four scenes of restaurants, planes, trains and roads, and recorded a bird call as a reference for high-frequency noise.And then, in the lab environment, we played the noise back at the decibel level of the environment.

Then we put on noise reduction headphones, put ear radio microphones and headphones, don’t play music, noise reduction, only recorded after the headset noise of voice, try to restore our ears to hear the sound.

hrough sound spectrum images can be seen, compared with domestic FIIL DIVA, positioning the higher-end QC35 and 1000 x are obviously has a better noise reduction effect, reflected by the brightness of the frequency spectrum of the noise energy, are much smaller.And between QC35 and 1000X, it’s a little bit better


The bluetooth headset not only takes over the sound of your device, not just the sound of the electronic device, but your voice, the quality of the call.Calling in the subway is a nightmarish experience for the vast majority of people.So we tested four headphones, including AirPods, QC35, mdr-1000x, FIIL DIVA, in quiet and noisy environments.

The end result is that, whether it’s quiet or noisy, the four headphones are on the quality of the call, at least “able to tell the person what I’m saying.”Use it, and it won’t bother you if the connection is smooth.

But the quality of the four is also different.In a quiet environment, QC35 has the best balance of volume and fidelity. 1000X is enough to be sure, but the volume is a little bit small and a little stuffy.The AirPods sound large enough, but with a little distortion.FIIL is the bottom.

In noisy environment, the difference between the four is not too big, it is the quality will get worse when the noise is stronger, it will take some time for the microphone to adapt to the noise and make noise cancellation.

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